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Your company assumed two basic risks on the first day it started operations:

  • The speculative risk of making a profit

  • The possibility of an uninsured loss of assets


At Crawford Insurance we help our customers identify and control possible loss of assets.


Our professional staff will keep up with the many different types of coverage available and identify the insurance companies with the most competitive prices. We will always strive to help you to spend your insurance dollars wisely so that you will have the best insurance programs to protect the assets and well-being of your organization.


We believe that knowledge and service continue to be the best insurance we can offer you. Let us put our knowledge to work for you!


Over the years we have have developed a niche for providing business insurance for churches and golf courses. We have developed a number of creative and affordable solutions with our carriers for many of the common issues we encounter within our key niches. Contact us today to find out more information about our general insurance products listed below.

  • Property Insurance

  • General Liability Insurance

  • Commercial Vehicle Insurance

  • Excess Liability Insurance

  • Workers' Compensation Insurance

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